RFID-enabled returnable container management

Misplaced or lost containers have been an issue that the Supply Chain process has faced for several decades. Lack of disciplined processes and poor visibility create waste in container management.

RTItrack.io platform is comprised of Cloud Web-based software, a mobile application, barcode or RFID scanners, and Smart tags. These components provide the means to locate RTIs, collect data on their usage and whereabouts, and report on all historical trails.

The system enables businesses of any size to effectively track a collection of assets from the time the items are purchased until they are disposed. It is a solution that can not only put an end to shrinkage but also help identify and isolate problems across the entire ecosystem.

Smartx is transforming agro-businesses, opening up a new era of businesses growth and competitiveness.

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The RTITrack solution helps you to locate all of your assets in a variety of manners, saving valuable time with little to no human intervention. Packaging can be expensive (i.e.: beer kegs, automotive metal cases); let RTITrack help you improve your RTI management and cut costs.

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Types of Assets

  • Air Cylinders
  •  Bread Racks
  •  Collapsible Crates
  •  Dollies (Rolling Quarter Pallets)
  • Kegs
  • Liquid Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Meat Containers
  • Pallets (Wooden & Plastic)
  • Plastic Dairy Crates
  • Returnable Product Containers
  •  Rolling Cages
  •  Shelf-Ready Units
  • Stillage (Racks for Kegs or Casks)

Stay Informed Wherever You Go !

Configure your transaction-based notification triggers so that designated personnel are made aware of the critical information.
Custom Role Based Security!

The ThinkAgro platform includes a broad range of applications: par level management, asset utilization, shrinkage/theft control, inventory management, preventive maintenance, recall management, rental management and integrations to maintenance management systems.

With ThinkAgro, managers can track shipped assets and receive notifications upon items arrival or departure in other sites, improving traceability and ensuring items arrive at the correct destination.The data can be integrated to any inventory management system in order to ensure optimal scheduling and planning.

The ThinkAgroenables overseeing the location of all vehicles, trailers, containers, and racks as well as yard service vehicles throughout the yard in real-time while automatically generating accurate inventory information. Prevent shortages and operational disruptions.

Automating the management of these mobile assets means all users can be held accountable for the units that pass through their facilities, so shrinkage and their losses can be curtailed, cycle times can be optimized and RTI inventories can be right-sized and lean.