Powerful integrated, real-time Herd tracking and cattle monitoring solution

The SmartX System is a real-time solution herd tracking and management. It provides the farm manager as well as the worker with a set of tools designed to help with daily tasks and work in a more efficient and productive way. The platform provides powerful management tools, including reports, graphs, analytics, task lists and lifetime cow card history.

The system also enables control and support of other components like sorting gates, individual feeding, messaging board, and others.

From smartphones and smart receivers to Cattle wearable devices and sensors, connected devices collect data that creates efficiencies and reduces waste for farmers, ranchers, animal labs and companies alike.

Smartx is transforming agro-businesses, opening up a new era of businesses growth and competitiveness.

Advanced Herd Tracking Solution

Comprises of hardware and software, the SmarsX Platform manages the whole Herd production process s and automatically collect s and analyzes data from the monitoring tags.

Easy to use and flexible solution

  • Free Flow detection of the animals in the milk barn or pastures
  • Graphs, reports, and analysis
  • Only the information you need when you need it!
  • Daily task lists and actionable information like check-in, count, scan and many others
  • Real-Time notifications, automatically and immediately regarding context-based events that require attention
  • Synchronization and connectivity with 3rd party solutions, location, and status information into existing Cattle Management systems

Stay Informed Wherever You Go !

Durable and scalable solution to protect your investment

SmartX’s philosophy is keep ing the user interface as simple as possible avoiding complicated panels while delivering the right information at the right time.

Multi Farms-wide solution that fits all herd visibility applications.

Configure your transaction-based notification triggers so that designated personnel are made aware of the critical information.
Custom Role Based Security!