Custom Drones & Payloads
Specialised cameras (multi-spectral ,thermal etc) LiDAR scanners, RFID scanning drones, parachute systems and long range/heavy lift UAVs for Industrial/Commercial purposes
Who are we?
We are experienced Engineers, avionics technicians and CASA registered UAV pilots/operators.
Why engage with us? is owned by Australian drone operators. We sell genuine Australian Stock of all DJI products (not grey imports). We endeavour to price match any DJI Australian sourced UAV’s.

Price Match Guarantee

We will price match any RRP price you can show us for genuine Australian Stock

PLEASE NOTE: This offer does not include Drones sold as Grey Imports. Please be careful as Grey Import Drones are sold at a much cheaper price but they cannot be repaired by any Authorised repair facility in Australia. They need to be sent back to China.

Dont risk buying Grey Imports, buy Australian Genuine Stock.

Please Contact us for more information.